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  • Jill A. Tanzi, DDS

Efficiency's impact on lowering expenses

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Let’s face it, COVID-19 is going to have a lasting impact to dental offices. Whether it be decreased reimbursements or staff shortages, most practice owners and office managers still have an uphill climb ahead.

Making your office as efficient as possible and outsourcing some tasks may save you money. In most dental offices, the biggest expense is employees. Reducing supply costs can save you a little, but creating efficiency among employees is where practices can realize the biggest savings. Taking a closer look at each employee’s daily duties and holding them accountable for performance and completion of tasks will be crucial in this new economy.

Now is the best time to examine your operational systems and make a plan. Make a list of your whole administrative staff and exactly what jobs they perform on a daily basis. Could efficiency be created with other cross-trained clinical staff or with outsourcing certain tasks? For example, if you have a staff member that is not involved in the daily face-to-face contact with patients entering dental claims and insurance breakdowns, you may consider outsourcing these tasks until your practice is back on its feet. This can easily be a savings of $60k for many practices.

There are many ways to create efficiency in this economy and the practices that use this time wisely will be lightyears ahead of the rest.

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